FANDOM: Supernatural
SONG: Changes
ARTIST: 3 Doors Down

SUMMARY: Sam's been going through some changes recently.

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AWARDS: Best Video, Hunter Award, Best TV Video, Best Supernatural, Best Primetime, Evil!Sam Challenge Winner, Best Storytelling, Best Character (x5), Most Creepy, Best Darkness, Best POV, Hottest Video, Best Song Use (x2), Best Angst, SVS Gold Award, Best Editor RU, Best Supernatural RU (x2), Best POV RU (x2), Best Overview RU, Best Narrative RU, Best Action RU, Best Angst RU, Best Song Use RU (x2), Best Drama RU (x2) and Best Character RU (x6)

Best of the Best, rounds 1-6 at Art of Vidding Awards: Hunter Award RU

Best of the Best, round 2 at Divine Awards: Best Song Use 3rd Place