FANDOM: Supernatural
SONG: Running up that Hill
ARTIST: Placebo

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AWARDS: Best Vidder, Best Video (x3), Best Editing, Best TV Show (x3), Judge's Choice (x3), Best Drama (x4), Best Seasonal, Best Action, Best Cast (x2), Best Editor, Best Angst, Best Song Use (x4), Best Storytelling, Most Angst, Most Dramatic, Judge's Vidder, Best Darkness, Best Horror, Best Song Choice, Best Challenge, SVS 2007 Award of Merit, Special Mention, Notable Entry, Best Video RU (x3), Best TV RU (x2), Best Angst RU, Best Cast RU, Sexiest Video RU, SVS Silver Award, Hunter Award RU

Nominated for Best of the Best, rounds 16-20 at Never Forget Awards.

Best of the Best, rounds 1-10 at Creative Creations Awards: Best Video, Best Vidder RU, Best Song Use RU, Judge's Choice

Best of the Best, rounds 1-6 at Art of Vidding Awards: Best Angst RU - Viewers Choice

Best of the Best, round 2 at Divine Awards: Best Drama 2nd Place