FANDOM: Supernatural
SONG: Rev 22:20
ARTIST: Puscifer

SUMMARY: AU: When Sam begins receiving visions from Meg, he finds it harder and harder to resist temptation.

If you have the bandwidth, I recommend the HQ download; there are some effects used that are better seen in widescreen!

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AWARDS: Best Editing, Judge's Choice (x2), Best Effects (x2), Best Narrative, Best AU (x2), Best Music, Best Storyline, Best Horror, Best POV, Best Hot, Best Shipper, Best Voice, Best Song Use, Hottest Video, SVS Gold Award, Best Video RU (x2), Best Editing RU, Judge's Choice RU, Best AU RU (x2), Sexiest Video RU, Best Unconventional Couple RU, Best Relationship RU, Most Original RU, Best Song Use RU, Best Couple RU, Touch the Devil Challenge - 2nd Place, Best Timing - 2nd Place, Most Dark - 2nd Place, Most Dramatic - 2nd Place, Most Powerful - 2nd Place, Best Effects - 2nd Place, Best Editing - 3rd Place