FANDOM: Supernatural
ARTIST: Snow Patrol
KazCon Charity Auctioneer: Christina

SUMMARY: This was requested by Christina, who won me in the KazCon Charity Auction.

"You've been the only thing that's right, in all I've done..."
Dean can't bear to lose Sam; this looks at why Dean just had to make that deal.

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AWARDS: Best Video, Judge's Choice, Most Dramatic, Best Music, Best Tearjerker (x2), Best Sadness, Best Drama (x2), Best Video - 2nd Place, Best Editor - 2nd Place, Best Supernatural RU, Best Narrative RU, Best Character RU (x2), Best Song Use RU, Best Drama/Angst RU, Most Moving RU, Best Angst RU, Best Tearjerker - 2nd Place, SVS Silver Award

Best of the Best, round 3 at Ultimate Universe Awards: Best Drama RU