FANDOM: Supernatural
SONG: No Fear (Chris Vrenna Mix)
ARTIST: The Rasmus

SUMMARY: This was my KazCon 2007 entry.  In this life, you can never know who to trust, so you better show no fear.

Download (23.6MB) [right click and Save Target As]
HQ Download (54.3MB) [right click and Save Target As]

And if you want the crazy insane high quality version (110MB) I submitted to KazCon...click here.  I know you are crazy insane if you do ;)

AWARDS: Best Editor (x2), Best Editing (x2), Judge's Choice, Best TV Show, Best Supernatural (x2), Best Horror, Best Suspense, Best Action (x3), Best Opening, Best Music, Best Song Use, Best Drama (x3), Best Cast, Best Overview, Most Scary (x2), Hottest Video, Best Ensemble, SVS Gold Award, Award of Excellence, Honorable Mention, Best Video RU (x2), Best Editing RU, Best Supernatural RU (x2), Best TV RU, Best Effects RU (x2), Best Song Use RU, Best Song in a Video RU, Best Ensemble RU, Best Action RU (x6), Best Overview RU, Best Horror RU, Best Cast RU (x2), Best Cast - 2nd Place, Most Dark - 3rd Place and Best Effects - 3rd Place