So I decided to give the site a new layout this month!  I hope y'all like it.   I liked the old, but you gotta keep it fresh!  Any suggestions or ideas, feel free to let me know!  And there's a poll if you want to vote on my layout ;)

Thanks again for all the support!  My second month with my site was even better than the first, and I really appreciate all my fans!

Also, Forsaken is nominated for the Best of the Best round this month at Never Forget Awards.  I'm not sure how that works, but it's still pretty cool, so keep your fingers crossed for me!

Update on requests:  I managed to get a couple done last month, but still have several on my plate - I'm sure y'all know who you are.  I promise I'm working on them, but I'm fairly busy in my real life, so I don't always have as much time as I'd like to work on them.

Irene, I'm holding off on yours until the end of the season, just in case...you never know!